About BEAR

BEAR stands for the Bionics Engineering Analysis and Research team. We aim to generate cost effective and rapidly manufacturable bionic solutions to replace human physiology. Currently, the team is working on their pilot project: the generation of a prosthetic hand.

The University of British Columbia has recognized the growing demand for bionic devices, opening both the Bionics Network Research Excellence Cluster and the School of Biomedical Engineering within the past two years. Amidst the increasing demand for bionic devices, growing public interest, and UBC’s strategic positioning, BEAR will foster excellence in this exciting field.

Our interdisciplinary team has recruited members with extensive knowledge in biomechanics, sensors and actuators, printable materials, hardware manufacturing, circuit creation and wiring, and companion program generation. BEAR will harness the skills and dedication of these members and provide opportunities to connect with industry contacts and sponsors as they enter the bionics and biomedical industry.

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